Rebranding, brochure, & web-design: Health Care Management, LLC

BEFORE: Original HCM Branding.
HCM Branding AFTER
AFTER: HCM website after rebranding.

HCM Health Care Center trifold brochure design
Newly rebranded and re-designed HCM Trifold brochure. Even the photographs were chosen/modified to mirror the new color scheme.

Description:   Rebranding and updating the look for Health Care Management, LLC (HCM). Applied new branding and colors to brochures and webpages for this group of 19 nursing homes with hospice and respite care. Facilities were located in states across the country, including in Colorado, Arkansas, Iowa, Michigan and Missouri. OFten nature creates the prettiest color schemes. This is no exception. The new colors for HCM were taken from photographs of golden fields of wheat with blue skies. The blue is modern, while the earthiness of the gold and dark brown are rich, warm, and soothing.
Client:   Health Care Management, LLC (HCM)
Industry:   Senior Care, Health, Nursing Homes