SFstandup.com Logo

Logo design, branding & T-shirt design: SFstandup.com

SFstandup logo design

SFstandup T-shirt design

Description:   Logo Design, branding, webdesign, and T-shirt design for SFstandup.com, an online guide to standup comedy in the San Francisco Bay Area. Branding conveyed the location with the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco skyline, and conveyed the night-time atmosphere in which most comedy takes place.
Client:   SFstandup.com
Industry:   Entertainment, Comedy

DLSH - Mixer flyer

Digital Illustration – business mixer

DLSH - Mixer flyer

Description:   Original digital illustrations and layout design. Flyer mailer advertised a business mixer event for alumni of De La Salle High School (an all-boys school). Illustrations feature tiny cartoon business men hanging out near a giant martini and giant slice of swiss cheese.
Size:   letter, 8.5″ x 11″
Client:   De La Salle High School
Industry:   Education